Voorheesville Central Schools

Voorheesville Central Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Copy Paper RFB-Paper2007 11/15/2007
Printing Services RFB-Printing2007 11/15/2007
Operations and Maintenance Equipment RFB-O&MEquip2007 08/02/2007
Science Department Equipment & Supplies RFB-Science2ndBid2007 08/02/2007
Occasional Plumbing Repair RFB-PlumbingRepair2007 05/31/2007
Occasional Electrical Repair RFB-ElectricalRepair2007 05/31/2007
Septic System Maintenance RFB-SepticMaint2007 05/31/2007
Musical Instruments RFB-MusicInstrum2007 05/31/2007
Waste Removal and Recycling RFB-Waste2007 05/31/2007
Science Equipment and Supplies RFB-Science2007 05/31/2007
Athletic & Physical Education Equipment & Supplies RFB-AthleticPE2007 05/31/2007
Music Instrument Lockers RFB-MusicInstrumLocker 05/21/2007
Milk and Milk Products for School Year 2006-2007 RFB-MILK2006-2007V2 08/07/2006
HVAC Maintenance & Service RFB-HVACMaint&Service 08/07/2006
Plastic Trash Bags RFB-TrashBags2006 06/05/2006
Occasional Electrical Repair RFB-Electrical2006 06/05/2006
Athletic and Physical Education Equipment & Supplies RFB-AthleticPE2006 05/31/2006
Musical Instruments Bid RFB-MusicInstruments2006 05/31/2006
Bleachers (Outdoor Portable) RFB-OutdoorBleachers2006 05/31/2006
Asphalt Pavement Sealing RFB-AsphaltSealing2006 05/31/2006
Science Equipment and Supplies RFB-Science2006 05/31/2006
Weekly Pizza Delivery for School Lunch Program RFB-Pizza2005 08/04/2005
Millk and Milk Products for School Year 2005-2006 RFB-Milk2005-2006 08/04/2005
Physical Education Equipment and Supplies RFB-PhysicalEd2005 07/07/2005
Outdoor bleachers RFB-OutdoorBleachers2005 07/07/2005

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