South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Central School District

Welcome to the Empire State Purchasing Group on behalf of South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Central School District Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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Installation of Bollards and Planters RFB-SOCSD1617-002 01/29/2016
Coach Bus Services RFP-Coach Bus Services 01/15/2016
RFP RFP- ELectronic Surplus Recycling 01/11/2016
RFB - School Cleaning Services RFB-SOCSD1516 Cleaning 05/14/2015
Auction Services RFQ-32514 03/31/2014
Locker Replacement RFP-SOCSD0114 - Contract No. 3 01/28/2014
Ceiling Tile Replacement RFP-SOCSD0114 - Contract No. 4 01/28/2014
Replacement of Entrance Doors and Interior Wood Door RFP-SOCSD0114 - Contract No. 5 01/28/2014
Installation of Back up Boiler RFP-SOCSD0114 - Contract No. 6 01/28/2014
Elevator upgrades RFP-SOCSD0114 Contract No. 1 01/28/2014
Stanby Generator Installation RFP-SOCSD0114 Contract No. 2 01/28/2014
Snow Removal Services 2011-2012 RFB-Snow Removal 2011/2012 09/20/2011
Roof Replacement & Related Work RFB-MS-HS-ROOF II 02/24/2011
Landscaping 2010-2011 RFB-LANDSCAPING 2010-2011 02/23/2010
School Cleaning Services RFB-Cleaning Services 01/11/2010
Request for Professional Auditing Services RFP-PROFESSIONAL AUDITING SERVICES 09-10 11/20/2009
Snow Removal Services 2009-2010 RFB-0910 SNOW REMOVAL 11/13/2009
Snow Removal Services RFB-SNOWPLOWING 09-10 10/29/2009
Snow Plowing Services RFB-SOCSD0809-SnowPlowing 10/06/2008

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