Schenectady County

Schenectady County

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Closed Solicitations

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CWSN Transportation Services RFB-2016-59 09/09/2016
Public Health Department Supplies RFB-2016-56 09/02/2016
Wildlife Incursion Control Fence Improvements RFB-2016-55 08/30/2016
Jail Supplies Bid RFB-2016-57 07/25/2016
Galvanized Steel Pipe Arch (12'6”x7'11”x80'0” RFB-2016-53 07/07/2016
SCCC - Biotechnology Laboratories RFB-2016-51 07/06/2016
Thermal Cameras RFB-2016-54 07/06/2016
Ice Rink Chiller Purchase and Installation RFB-2016-50 06/01/2016
Survey, Engineering, Design Services-Hudson Mohawk Bike Trail Ext. RFP-2016-49 05/13/2016
CWSN Transportation Services RFB-2016-10 05/10/2016
Asbestos Abatement-Elston Hall 6th Floor RFB-2016-48 05/05/2016
Janitorial and Disposable Supplies RFB-2016-47 05/02/2016
SCCC Elston Hall Elevator Renovation-REBID RFB-2016-46 04/25/2016
Niskayuna Branch Library Renovation RFB-2016-45 04/22/2016
Office Supplies RFB-2016-30 04/22/2016
Pavement Preservation Project-Non State Rd.-Consaul and Aqueduct RFB-2016-06 04/22/2016
Schenectady County Chiller Installation RFB-2016-29 04/21/2016
County Highway Construction Services Bid/City of Schenectady Paving RFB-2016-31 through RFB-2016-44 04/19/2016
Terrazzo Floor Polishing RFB-2016-28 04/01/2016
Mohawk/Hudson Bike Trail Bollard/Gate Retrofit Project RFB-2016-08 03/30/2016
SCCC-Elston Hall-Elevator Renovation RFB-2016-02 03/29/2016
Roof Replacements at SCCC Elston Hall-B Wing RFB-2016-01 03/29/2016
Purchase of Chiller and Condenser for Recreational Facility RFB-2016-27 03/14/2016
SCCC Elston Hall Slab Stabilization-Special Inspection and Testing RFP-2016-09 03/11/2016
Binding System RFQ-16-BOE 03/08/2016

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