Ontario County

Ontario County

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Closed Solicitations

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Trench Drain Replacement at CMAC - Rebid B16111 11/17/2016
Purchase of Large-Format Color Printer for FLCC B16110 11/16/2016
Courier Services for FLCC B16109 11/14/2016
Replacement of Boiler at County Jail B16101 10/28/2016
Replacement of Heat Exchanger at Ontario County Jail B16102 10/28/2016
Purchase of Replacement Doors for FLCC B16099 10/14/2016
Janitorial Services B16090 10/13/2016
Janitorial Services for FLCC B16096 10/12/2016
FLCC Viticulture Building Sign Construction and Installation B16083 09/12/2016
Purchase and Installation of Sliding Glass Doors B16055 08/26/2016
Minor Maintenance Services on Walls Containing Asbestos B16088 08/24/2016
Exterior Glass Cleaning - Phase 2 B16082 08/03/2016
Workers' Compensation Claims Administration Services R16080 07/29/2016
Short Term Disability Claims Administration Services R16081 07/29/2016
Replacement Furnace for DPW B16076 07/11/2016
Armed Security Guard Services for Finger Lakes Community College B16073 07/08/2016
Garage Concrete Floor Repair and Resurfacing B16072 06/29/2016
Binocular LED Microscopes B16067 06/23/2016
Culvert Replacements B16047 05/11/2016
FLCC HVAC Rehabilitation in Fine Arts & Graphic Design Area B16045 05/09/2016
Ontario Parks Dam Rehabilitation B16005 05/04/2016
Geneva Equipment Room Electric & HVAC Renovations B16052 04/28/2016
Cty Rd 33 Reconstruction Part 2 B16010 04/13/2016
Maintenance and Repair of Boiler Systems for FLCC B16038 04/11/2016
Landscape Planting Project @ Main Campus - FLCC B16039 04/08/2016

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