Lockport City School District

Lockport City School District

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Closed Solicitations

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Window shade replacement RFQ-KG- 10-28-16 11/02/2016
Purchase and install new Turbo Air Refrigerator. RFQ-KG-10-20-16 10/24/2016
Replace 2 Backflow perventers. RFQ-KG- 9-6-16 09/09/2016
purchase rubber tiles RFQ-KG-81816 08/19/2016
Boiler repair RFQ-KG-81616 08/18/2016
sidewalk replacement RFQ-KG-8916 08/12/2016
Install Basketball backboard system. RFQ-KG-129890 08/05/2016
Boiler repair RFQ-KG- 16063 08/02/2016
Exterior Painting RFQ-TP-062816 07/13/2016
Cleaning of Gymnasium Ceiling, Walls and Duct Work. RFQ-TP-070716 07/13/2016
Blacktop Sealing and Striping RFQ-TP-61616b 06/28/2016
Re-Coat Gym Floor RFQ-TP-61616 06/23/2016
4' Gas relief valve replacement. RFQ-KG- 6-6 16 06/21/2016
Maintenance and Custodial Uniforms RFP-LM-06062016 06/13/2016
replace Lochinvar domestic water boiler RFQ-KG-6217 06/10/2016
Boiler gasket replacement RFQ-KG-6216 06/08/2016
Remove and install chain link fence RFQ-KG-REV#3 05/27/2016
Replace Thieman lift gate RFQ-KG-2092 05/18/2016
Siding Repair RFQ-TP-040416 04/12/2016
Install New Chain Link Fence RFQ-TP-040416B 04/12/2016
RFQ-ML-EB LAB-HP All in One RFQ-ML-EB LAB-HP All in One 02/21/2016
HP All in One Computers RFQ-ML-EB Lab 02/15/2016
Chromebook RFQ-ML-NP Chromebook 02/15/2016
remove and trimm trees RFQ-KG-5150 12/24/2015

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