Livingston County

Livingston County

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Closed Solicitations

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Bid for Cleaning Sheriff's Uniforms ITB-LG-Bid for Cleaning Sheriff's Uniforms 11/21/2016
Bid for Medical Supplies ITB-LG-Bid for Medical Supplies 10/18/2016
Purchasr of two (2) new box culverts ITB-ES-CR22 CR80 box culvert 05/23/2016
Single Drum Smooth Drum Vibratory Compactor ITB-ES-2016 Roller 04/21/2016
2016 Construction & Maintenance Materials & Services - annual bid ITB-ES-2016 Construction & Maintenance Materials & Services 02/08/2016
2016 Rental of Various Pieces of Construction Equipment - annual ITB-ES-2016 Construction Equipment Rental - annual 02/08/2016
2016 Aggregate Material Bid - annual ITB-ES-2016 Aggregates - Annual 02/08/2016
Bid for Janitorial Cleaning Products and Disposable Paper Products ITB-LG-Janitorial Cleaning Products & Disposable Paper Produ 02/04/2016
Bid for Calcium Chloride Pellets ITB-LG-Bid for Calcium Chloride Pellets 11/16/2015
Bid for unttreated crushed rock salt ITB-ES-untreated rock salt 08/10/2015
Pre-treated rock salt ITB-ES-pretreated rock salt 08/09/2015
Bid for Transportation of Children with Special Needs ITB-LG-Bid for Transportation 07/27/2015
Bid for Exterior Window Washing ITB-LG-Bid for Exterior Window Cleaning 05/28/2015
Bid for Completion of Tec Drive @ Crossroads Commerce Park ITB-LG-Liv Co IDA Crossroads Commerce Park 05/12/2015
Bid for Medical Supplies ITB-LG-Bid for Medical Supplies (EMS) 04/16/2015
Materials for pre fab glu-lam bridge superstructure ITB-ES-2015 Br#4 03/26/2015
Bid for Commercial Linen Services ITB-LG-Bid for Commercial Linen Services 03/12/2015
Bid for Dietary Department Services ITB-LG-Operation of Dietary Department 02/27/2015
2015 specifications & proposal for construction materials ITB-ES-2015 material 02/10/2015
2015 Specifications & Proposal for rental of construction equipmen ITB-ES-2015 equipment 02/10/2015
2015 Specifications & Proposal Aggregates ITB-ES-2015 aggregates 02/10/2015
Bid for Sheriff's Uniform Accessories ITB-LG-Bid for Sheriff's Uniform Accessories 12/18/2014
Bid for Refuse/Waste Pickup ITB-LG-Refuse/Waste Pickup 12/02/2014
Bid for Pharmaceutical and Prescription Services ITB-LG-Pharmaceutical and Prescription Services Re-Bid 10/09/2014
Bid for Cleaning Uniforms ITB-LG-Bid for Cleaning Uniforms 09/18/2014

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