Harrison Central School District

Harrison Central School District

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Closed Solicitations

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iPad Charging Carts for Gripcase brand cases RFQ-17-13 10/24/2016
Stringed Instruments RFQ-17-14 10/24/2016
Pneumatic Controls/HVAC RFB-16/17-22 10/21/2016
Nota Posture Chairs RFQ-17-12 10/20/2016
Fitness Center Equipment RFQ-17-11 09/27/2016
Music Suite Addition at Harrison High School RFB-16/17-21c 09/14/2016
Asset Recovery RFB-16/17-20 08/09/2016
Headphones and Accessories RFQ-17-07 Headphones and Splitters 08/08/2016
Gripcases and Stands RFQ-17-06 08/05/2016
Projector Bulbs RFB-16/17-18 07/28/2016
SMARTBoards, Projectors, and Accessories RFB-16/17-19 07/26/2016
Notebook and Tablet Storage Carts RFQ-17-01 Chromebook Carts and Cases 07/26/2016
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Accessories RFQ-17-02 Microsoft Surface Pro4 & Accessories 07/25/2016
Architectural and Engineering Services RFP-2017i 07/13/2016
Masonry Supplies RFB-16/17-16 06/28/2016
Landscaping Supplies RFB-16/17-15 06/28/2016
Roofing Services RFB-16/17-14 06/28/2016
Fencing - New and Repairs RFB-16/17-13 06/28/2016
Musical Instrument Repair RFB-16/17-12 06/20/2016
Environmental Monitoring and Air Testing Services RFP-2017ii 06/09/2016
Masonry Services RFB-16/17-11 06/09/2016
Provide and Install Interior Doors at Harrison HS Library RFB-16/17-10 06/03/2016
Carpentry Services RFB-16/17-09 05/26/2016
Window Repair RFB-16/17-08 05/26/2016
Refuse Removal RFB-16/17-07 05/25/2016

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