Greenburgh-North Castle UFSD

Greenburgh-North Castle UFSD

Welcome to the Empire State Purchasing Group on behalf of Greenburgh-North Castle UFSD

Greenburgh-North Castle UFSD Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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Heat/AC Services RFP-DT-Clark AC/Heat Services 09/30/2016
Voice Services RFP-DT-Voice Services 2016-2017 09/30/2016
Horticulture RFP-DT-Horticulture 08/12/2016
Proposal for Waste Removal Services at Greenburgh Academy RFP-DT-Proposal - Waste Removal Services Greenburgh Academy 07/15/2016
Kaplan Waste Removal RFP-DT-Kaplan Waste Removal 2016-2017 07/15/2016
Proposal for Plumbing/Heating/AC Maintenance Services – Kaplan Car RFP-DT-KAPLAN AC HEAT PLUMBING 06/24/2016
Proposal for Plumbing/Heating/AC Maintenance Services – Kaplan Car RFP-DT-Proposal for Plumbing/Heating/AC Maintenance Services 06/22/2016
Cleaning Services – Kenneth B. Clark Academy RFP-DT-Cleaning Services – Kenneth B. Clark Academy 06/22/2016
Installation of ActivPanels RFP-DR-ActivPanels 10/23/2015
Voice Services RFP-DT-Voice Services 10/01/2015
Instructional Horticulture/Gardening RFP-DT-Gardening 08/07/2015
Waste Removal Services RFP-DT-Kaplan Waste Removal 07/31/2015
Clark AcademyCleaning Services RFP-DT-Clark Cleaning 07/10/2015
Waste Removal Services RFP-DT- Waste Removal 07/10/2015
Electrical Services RFP-DT-Electrical Services 06/12/2015
Heating/Plumbing/AC Maintenance RFP-DT-Kaplan Heating/Plumbing/AC Maintenance 06/12/2015
Backflow Repair RFQ-DT-3-12-15 03/20/2015
Heating & AC Services RFP-DT-AC/Heating 09/26/2014
Management & Maintenance of IT Services RFP-DT-IT 09/12/2014
Waste Reomoval Services RFP-DT-Solid Waste Removal 08/01/2014
Voice Services RFP-BF-Voice Services 08/01/2014
Instructional Service in Horticulture and Gardening RFP-BF-Garden 08/01/2014
Cleaning Services RFP-BF-Clark Cleaning 14-15 07/03/2014
Kaplan Cleaning Services RFP-DT- Kaplan Cleaning Services 06/27/2014
Evaluation Services RFP-EP-DT Evaluation Services 06/20/2014

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