East Irondequoit Central School District

East Irondequoit Central School District

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Closed Solicitations

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Athletic Reconditioning RFB-019-017 10/12/2016
Baseball Hats RFB-020-017 10/12/2016
Retread Tries for School Buses RFB-011-017 05/26/2016
Bid for Maint. & Repair Parts for School Buses RFB-013-017 05/26/2016
Bid for Bus Lift Repair Service RFB-012-017 05/26/2016
Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner RFB-002-017 05/19/2016
Bid for Customized Baseball Hats RFB-038-016 10/28/2015
Bid for Athletic Uniform Reconditioning RFB-037-016 10/20/2015
Athletic Letters & Pins RFB-036-016 10/08/2015
Bid for Wrestling Uniforms RFB-035-016 10/08/2015
Bid for Overhead Paging System Repair Service RFB-032-016 08/03/2015
Bid for A/V Communications Service RFB-033-016 08/03/2015
Bid for Lifeguarding/Swimming Pool Supplies RFB-034-016 08/03/2015
Request for Proposal for Universal Pre K Services RFP-001-016 05/27/2015
Bid for Swimming Pool Supplies RFB-028-016 05/12/2015
Athletic Supplies/Uniforms RFB-027-016 05/12/2015
Bid for Overhead Paging Repair Service RFB-029-016 05/12/2015
Roofing Services RFB-021-016 05/12/2015
Fencing Repairs RFB-022-016 05/12/2015
General Contractor Services RFB-023-016 05/12/2015
Bid for Plumbing Repairs RFB-018-016 05/12/2015
HVAC Repairs RFB-019-016 05/12/2015
Electrical Repairs RFB-020-016 05/12/2015
Bid for Retread Tires for School Buses RFB-013-016 05/12/2015
District Vehicle & School Bus Towing RFB-014-016 05/12/2015

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