City of New Rochelle

City of New Rochelle

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Closed Solicitations

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Prune and Trim Trees RFB-NR-5111 Prune and Trim Trees 03/24/2016
Supply and Deliver Street Lighting Supplies RFB-NR-5091 11/17/2015
Emergency Tree Services RFB-NR-5052 Emergency Tree Services 04/07/2015
RFB-NR-5047 Removal of City Owned Trees Stick and Stumps RFB-NR-5047 12/18/2014
Fabricate and Deliver Signs RFB-NR-5033 07/22/2014
Prune and Trim Trees RFB-NR-5002 10/22/2013
Elevator Maintenance Services RFP-NR-4953 10/17/2012
Street Lighting Supplies RFB-NR-4951 09/25/2012
ITC Sweeping Services RFB-NR-4950 09/19/2012
Removal of City Owned Trees, Sticks and Stumps RFB-NR-4948 09/13/2012
Supply and Deliver Turf Equipment RFB-NR-4937 06/14/2012
Construction Consultant Services RFP-NR-4929 05/08/2012
Prune and Trim City Owned Trees RFB-NR-4925 03/15/2012
Supply and Deliver Auto Lubricants and Liquids RFB-NR-4920 03/07/2012
Removal of City Owned Trees, Sticks and Stumps RFB-NR-4923 02/16/2012
Sale of Real Property - Weyman Ave. Parcel RFP-NR-4921 02/15/2012
Furnish and Plant Trees RFB-NR-4918 01/10/2012
Furnish and Plant Trees RFB-NR-4893 04/28/2011
Removal of City Owned Trees, Sticks and Stumps RFB-NR-4884 03/29/2011
Aluminum Marine Gangways RFB-NR-4880 02/08/2011
Elevator Maintenance Services RFP-NR-4878 02/03/2011
Furnish and Plant Trees RFB-NR-4875 11/16/2010
Turnkey Fire Alarm System RFP-NR-4873 10/26/2010
Removal of City Owned Trees, Sticks and Stumps RFB-NR-4871 09/15/2010
Fleet Leasing and Management Services RFP-NR-4869 09/14/2010

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