City of Kingston

City of Kingston

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Closed Solicitations

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Refuse Collection Trucks RFB-K04-12 07/23/2004
Lighting Equipment RFB-K04-10 06/23/2004
Truck Mounted Street Sweeper RFB-K04-09 04/30/2004
DPW Materials RFB-K04-05 04/20/2004
Internet Access, Web Hosting and E-mail System RFB-K04-06 04/16/2004
Computer Support Services RFB-K04-07 04/16/2004
Domain Controller Upgrade RFB-K04-08 04/16/2004
Traffic Cones RFQ-04-02 04/07/2004
Tripod & Winch System for Confined Space RFQ-04-01 04/05/2004
Landscaping Management Services RFB-K04-02 03/12/2004
2004 Tree Planning Program RFB-K04-04 03/05/2004
Biodegradable Yard Waste Bags RFB-K04-01 02/13/2004
Minolta QMS Printer RFQ-06 06/27/2003
Boiler Replacement / Central Fire Station RFB-K03-07 05/28/2003
City Hall Heating and A/C System Maintenance RFB-K03-06 05/23/2003
DPW Materials RFB-K03-04 04/10/2003
Uniform Rental RFB-K03-03 03/21/2003
Magnetic Cable and Pipe Locator RFQ-05 03/20/2003
Digital Camera RFQ-04 03/14/2003
Tennis Balls RFQ-03 03/11/2003
2003 Tree Planting Program RFB-K03-02 02/28/2003
U.S. Flags and Republic of Ireland Flags RFQ-02 02/26/2003
Polar M52 Watch & Heart Rate Monitor RFQ-01 01/17/2003
300 kW Diesel Powered Generator Set RFB-K02-09 12/27/2002

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