City of Kingston

City of Kingston

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Closed Solicitations

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2013 Sidewalk Accessibility Improvements RFB-CK2013-1 01/23/2013
Field Analytical Services RFQ-13-01 01/14/2013
Standard Grade Application Tape RFQ-12-12 12/03/2012
Outdoor Furniture RFQ-12-11 07/16/2012
Pavement Line Striper RFQ-12-10 06/12/2012
Aluminum Sign Blanks RFQ-12-09 05/22/2012
Industrial Dehumidifier RFQ-12-08 05/02/2012
High Speed Coin Handling and Sorting Machine RFQ-12-07 05/01/2012
Manhole Rings, Covers, and Adjustable Risers RFQ-12-06 04/24/2012
Ribbons for IBM Selectric Typewriter RFQ-12-05 04/24/2012
Aluminum Sign Blanks RFQ-12-04 04/20/2012
Infant Car Seats RFQ-12-02 04/19/2012
Manhole Frames and Adjustable Risers RFQ-12-03 04/18/2012
Portable Solar Powered Traffic Message Sign RFB-K12-09 04/17/2012
Recreation Management Software RFP-K12-05 02/17/2012
Salt Brine Production system RFB-K12-04 02/16/2012
Aluminum Stop Sign Blanks RFQ-12-01 02/10/2012
Comprehensive Plan / Zoning Code Update RFP-K12-01 01/12/2012
Poly Recycling Carts and Poly Trash Carts RFB-K12-02 01/06/2012
15” Pneumatic Concrete Chain Saw RFQ-11-08 12/14/2011
CS Unitec Hydraulic Concrete Chain Saw RFQ-11-07 12/13/2011
New/Used Elgin MV Whirlwind Vacuum Street Sweeper or Equivalent RFB-K11-19 12/08/2011
Merry Mac Tow-Behind Chipper/Shredder RFQ-11-06 12/01/2011
Belt-Press Polymer RFB-K11-18 11/30/2011
Watershed Management Plan Development for Tidal Rondout Creek RFP-K11-17 11/17/2011

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