City of Kingston

City of Kingston

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Closed Solicitations

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Sign Making Materials RFQ-2015-105 07/22/2015
14” Rhino Wheel Immobilizer RFQ-2015-104 07/08/2015
Manhole Frames, Covers, Extensions Rings, & Catch Basin Grates RFQ-2015-103 04/27/2015
Real Estate Services Related to Sale of City Owned Properties RFP-K15-10 03/31/2015
Sodium Hypochlorite RFB-K15-07 03/26/2015
DPW Materials RFB-K15-11 03/25/2015
Crawler Hydraulic Excavator RFB-K15-08 03/24/2015
Child Car Seats RFQ-2015-102 03/19/2015
Traffic Signal Light Poles RFB-K15-06 03/12/2015
Operation of the Bicycle Motocross Facility at Kingston Point Park RFP-K15-05 03/05/2015
Poly Trash Carts RFB-K15-03 02/10/2015
1 Garraghan Drive HVAC Upgrades RFB-K15-01 02/04/2015
HP Designjet T2500 eMultifunction Printer Series RFQ-2015-01 01/26/2015
Galvanized Pipe RFQ-K2014-107 12/16/2014
Traffic Signal Improvements RFB-032608 09/03/2014
Portable Trailer Mounted Compressor RFQ-K2014-106 08/15/2014
Architectural Design & Engineering Review of Pike Plan Restoration RFP-K14-08 06/04/2014
Manhole Frames, Covers, Extensions Rings, & Catch Basin Grates RFQ-K2014-105 05/06/2014
Calcium Nitrate Solution RFQ-K2014-104 05/06/2014
Heat Engine System Design/Build Replacement Project RFB-K14-10 04/24/2014
Design & Install Floating fishing Dock on the Rondout Creek RFB-K14-09 04/22/2014
Avery Black Non Reflective Vinyl RFQ-K2014-103 04/17/2014
Aluminum Octagon Shaped Stop Sign Blanks RFQ-K2014-102 03/27/2014
Sodium Hypochlorite RFB-K14-06 03/26/2014
DPW Materials RFB-K14-05 03/20/2014

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