Line Item Details for RFQ-UC10-63

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 Document Number: RFQ-UC10-63
 Requisition Number: 
 Deadline: 6/3/2010 3:00:00 PM E.D.T.
 Title of Notice: (2) HDTV LCD 32 (not VCR combo sets) with swivel mount; 720 dp
 Buyer Name: Mr Ed Jordan,Expeditor
 Buyer Telephone: (845) 334 - 5574
 Buyer Email:

 Line Item #1 Quantity:  2 UOM:  EACH
 Specs for #1:
32" HDTV LCD 720 dp (or better) TV's with swivel mounts that come out 8"-9" from the wall.
Brand Preference: All Brands are Acceptable
 Delivery InfoVince Morano
99 Golden Hill Drive
Kingston, NY 12401