County of Rockland

County of Rockland

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Odor Control Media - Remove and Replace Existing RFB-RC-2016-041 06/02/2016
Transportation Consultant for Routing of Buses for Pre-K/EI RFP-RC-2016-008 06/02/2016
STUN CUFF-MYERS RFQ-RC-2016-057 06/01/2016
Housing Outreach Team - Mental Health RFP-RC-2016-017 05/27/2016
Multi-Service HUB Services Martin Luther King - Sole Source Award SSN-RC-2016-035 05/26/2016
Multi-Service HUB Services New Square Community - Sole Source Award SSN-RC-2016-036 05/26/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract - Domestic Violence Services - SSN-RC-2016-037 05/26/2016
Intent To Award Sole Source Contract West Street Childcare Learnin SSN-RC-2016-029 05/26/2016
Systems Furniture & Installation - Mulitple Award Percent Discount RFB-RC-2016-039 05/26/2016
Cleanout of Oil Water Separator RFQ-RC-2016-054 05/23/2016
Financial Advisory Services RFP-RC-2016-015 05/20/2016
Forensic Accounting-Audit Services for the R.C. District Att.-QSL RFP-RC-2016-016 05/19/2016
Consultant to Collaborate with DSS Employment Unit RFP-RC-2016-018 05/19/2016
Bomb Bunker Fence-Repair and Installation RFB-RC-2016-043 05/19/2016
Boat Repairs - Sheriff's Marine Unit Boats RFB-RC-2016-044 05/17/2016
Refurbish/Rebuild 1989 Caterpillar 120G Grader RFB-RC-2016-026 05/17/2016
Truck with Combination Vaccum and Jet Rodder RFB-RC-2016-036 05/17/2016
Contraceptive - Intrauterine Copper RFB-RC-2016-037 05/17/2016
Foods - Dairy Products RFB-RC-F2016-904 JUN 05/17/2016
Foods - Meat, Poultry and Provisions RFB-RC-F2016-909 JUN 05/17/2016
Foods--Fresh fruits and vegetables RFB-RC-F2016-912 JUN 05/17/2016
Managed PoE Switch, Vigitron RFQ-RC-2016-050 05/16/2016
Diagnostic Scan Tool RFQ-RC-2016-053 05/16/2016
Railings, Galvanized-Fabricate and Supply RFQ-RC-2016-051 05/13/2016

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