County of Rockland

County of Rockland

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Intent- Award Sole Source Contract-Social & Community Integration SSN-RC-2016-005 03/10/2016
Intent to Enter into Sole Source Contract for Hospice Care Service SSN-RC-2016-008 03/10/2016
VALVES, VAL MATIC RFQ-RC-2016-024 03/10/2016
SIGNS-CUSTOM-ELECTION RFQ-RC-2016-022 03/10/2016
Storage Shed RFQ-RC-2016-017 03/09/2016
Ceiling Tiles RFQ-RC-2016-018 03/09/2016
Hotsy Pressure Washer RFQ-RC-2016-015 03/09/2016
Trailer RFQ-RC-2016-013 03/08/2016
PUMP- BELL & GOSSETT RFQ-RC-2016-014 03/07/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract for Mental Health Services SSN-RC-2016-003 03/03/2016
Award of Sole Source Contract-Counseling and Family Services SSN-RC-2016-002 03/03/2016
Purchase of Cons.&Training of ACISS Software Web Prop. & Evid. Mod SSN-RC-2016-006 03/01/2016
Purch KABA WorkForce Management Solutions and Implementation SSN-RC-2016-007 03/01/2016
Insurance Broker of Record RFP-RC-2016-004 03/01/2016
Legal - Process Services RFQ-RC-2016-007 02/26/2016
Update to RC Multi-Jurisdictional, All Hazard Mitigation Plan RFP-RC-2016-003 02/25/2016
Fire Supression equipment RFQ-RC-2016-010 02/24/2016
MS Surface Pro 4 Table as specified or AE w/Epson Printer & Access RFB-RC-2015-023 02/24/2016
Fresh Eggs RFB-RC-F2016-905 02/18/2016
Insecticides for Mosquito Control RFB-RC-2016-018 02/18/2016
POSTER FRAMES RFQ-RC-2016-009 02/18/2016
Dewatering Container Rental, Hauling and Disposal of Sewer Grit RFB-RC-2016-016 02/16/2016
Construction Material Testing RFB-RC-2016-006 02/16/2016
Uniforms-Work and Related Items RFB-RC-2016-015 02/11/2016

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