County of Rockland

County of Rockland

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Aluminum Sign Blanks RFQ-RC-2016-033 03/30/2016
BEDDING-ALL TYPES RFQ-RC-2016-031 03/28/2016
OIS COLOR LCD RFQ-RC-2016-032 03/25/2016
Intent To Award Sole Source Contract - Youth and Family Services SSN-RC-2016-013 03/24/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract Family Liaison Services SSN-RC-2016-015 03/24/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract-Case Management Services SSN-RC-2016-016 03/24/2016
MS Surface Pro 4 Table as specified or AE w/Epson Printer & Access RFB-RC-2016-023 03/22/2016
Sale of County Owned Office Building RFP-RC-2016-005 03/22/2016
Lawn Mower and Accessories RFB-RC-2016-022 03/22/2016
Scrubbing Wipes RFQ-RC-2016-029 03/22/2016
Forensic Equip/Tools specific for Mobile Devices from Teel Technol SSN-RC-2016-014 03/21/2016
UPS, Powerware, Preventative Maintenance and Repair RFQ-RC-2016-028 03/21/2016
PulsePoint CPR-Trained Bystander Responder Mobile Phone Applicatio SSN-RC-2016-010 03/18/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract - Multi-Service HUB Services SSN-RC-2016-011 03/17/2016
Foods - Meat, Poultry and Provisions RFB-RC-F2016-909 APR 03/17/2016
Foods - Dairy Products RFB-RC-F2016-904 APR 03/17/2016
Foods--Fresh fruits and vegetables RFB-RC-F2016-912 APR 03/17/2016
Cemetary Vases RFQ-RC-2016-027 03/17/2016
Kitchen Floor Drains and Replace Damaged Tiles - Project 1466 RFB-RC-2016-020 03/15/2016
Pumps - Replacement Parts for Flowserve Worthington Pumps RFB-RC-2016-025 03/15/2016
Graco Line Grinder RFQ-RC-2016-019 03/11/2016
Curb Backs RFQ-RC-2016-020 03/11/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract Adult Day Care & Home Meals SSN-RC-2016-009 03/10/2016
Firm Electricity and Natural Gas Supply - Cooperative RFB-RC-2016-024 03/10/2016
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract - Social Skills Program SSN-RC-2016-004 03/10/2016

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