City of Poughkeepsie

City of Poughkeepsie

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Closed Solicitations

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Gardening/Landscaping Services RFP-COP-03-07-09 04/18/2007
One (1) New Diesel Fuel Storage Tank and Dispensing System RFB-COP-03-07-07 04/18/2007
Transfer Station Processing Equipment RFB-COP-03-07-06 04/18/2007
Procurement for T1-PRI Line for Telecommunications for PSF-Re-bid RFB-COP-02-07-03A 04/04/2007
Personal Escape Devices for the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Dept RFB-COP-03-07-05 03/21/2007
Fox Street Pump Station, Force Main and Watermain Improvements RFB-COP-09-06-30 03/21/2007
Multi-Blade Snow Plow RFB-COP-02-07-04 03/07/2007
Alteration of flouride treatment building -install makeup air unit RFB-COP-01-07-01 02/07/2007
Snow Plow Parts - Re-bid RFB-COP-11-06-34A 01/17/2007
Auto and Light Truck Body Repair RFB-COP-12-06-36 12/20/2006
Transmission Repair RFQ-COP-12-06-35 12/20/2006
SNOW PLOW PARTS RFB-COP-11-06-34 11/22/2006
Concrete Encased Fire-Protected Tank System RFB-COP-10-06-33 11/15/2006
Insurance Consulting Services-All Coverages RFP-COP-09-06-28 11/03/2006
MiIler Road & Wilbur Blvd. Intersection Roadway Imprrovements RFB-COP-10-06-31 11/01/2006
John Deere Brand Mower Attachments RFB-COP-08-06-25 09/20/2006
Boarding and Securing City of Poughkeepsie Buildings RFQ-COP-07-06-22A 09/06/2006
Transfer Station Upgrades (re-bid) RFB-COP-07-06-23A 09/06/2006
One (1) Portable Asphalt Recycling Machine and Hot Box RFB-COP-08-06-24 09/06/2006
Crannell Street Pavement Texturing RFB-COP-06-06-21 08/02/2006
Pest Control Services for the City of Poughkeepsie DPW RFP-COP-06-06-20 07/05/2006
Water Treatment Chemical-19% Aqua Ammonia RFB-COP-06-06-19 06/21/2006
Street Paving Rental Equipment and Operators RFQ-COP-05-06-18 06/07/2006
Janitorial Services for City Hall RFB-COP-05-06-16 06/07/2006
Janitorial Services for the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department RFB-COP-05-06-17 06/07/2006

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