City of Poughkeepsie

City of Poughkeepsie

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Closed Solicitations

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Return Activated Sludge Pump VFD Replacement -Electrical Contract RFB-COP-06-08-22 07/16/2008
Truck Mounted Self Contained Leaf Vacuum RFB-COP-04-08-15 07/09/2008
Combined Sewer Overflow Meter Installation RFB-COP-05-08-17 06/18/2008
Orthophosphoric Acid (36% Solution) RFB-COP-05-08-18 06/11/2008
Vehicle Carrier and Transporter RFB-COP-04-08-14 05/21/2008
Pine Street Storm Sewer Separation RFB-COP-04-08-12 05/21/2008
Pool Chemicals and Supplies RFB-COP-04-08-13 05/21/2008
Security Guard Services at Pulaski Pool RFB-COP-05-08-16 05/21/2008
Street Paving Rental Equipment and Operators RFB-COP-04-08-10 05/07/2008
Cold Milling Machine Rentals RFB-RFQ 04-08-11 05/07/2008
Water Treatment Chemicals RFB-COP-03-08-09 04/16/2008
Arch Liner Installation at DeLaval Underpass Under Metro-North RFB-COP-02-08-08 04/02/2008
Scattered Sidewalk, Curb, Ramp and Disabled Accessible Curb Rplmnt RFB-COP-02-08-06 03/12/2008
New 2008 6x4 Heavy Duty Tractor RFB-COP-02-08-07 03/12/2008
Modernization of two (2) UMV Traction Elevators RFB-COP-01-08-01 02/20/2008
Request for Qualifications for Water System Improvements -General RFI-COP-02-08-03 02/20/2008
Request for Qualifications for Water System Improvements- Electric RFI-COP-02-08-04 02/20/2008
Sale of One Surplus 40Ft. Bucket Truck - Rebid RFB-COP-11-07-39A 02/20/2008
One (1) Loader Mounted Snow Blower RFB-COP-02-08-05 02/20/2008
Pine Street CIPP Lining RFB-COP-09-07-29 01/09/2008
Parking Attendant Booth RFB-COP-11-07-40 12/19/2007
Hotel Deck Electrical System Replacement RFB-COP-10-07-33 12/19/2007
Hotel Deck Sprinkler System Replacement RFB-COP-11-07-37 12/19/2007
One (1) Combination Laundry Washer/Extractor RFB-COP-11-07-38 12/05/2007
Sale of one (1) surplus 40 ft bucket truck RFB-COP-11-07-39 12/05/2007

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